It’s been a long week here, and next week, my mother arrives so it will be even longer. Task One is to locate the equivalent of Publix roast chicken. Task Two will be how to hide the existence of this site from her. She still hasn’t figured out SP yet- “Who’s that nice little girl I see playing on the computer?”

Birthdays include yet another guy who should have gotten a Nobel; a guy who always opposed Cato; the Official Filmmaker of the Glibertarians; the guy who made John Holmes and Ron Jeremy jealous; the worst of all the Stooges; a fun guy to have a drink with; and a marvelous punchline.

On to the news.


It’s not just Team Blue providing primary entertainment.


Ahhh, Chicago.


We are sooooo fucked.


Amazon pulls out, jizzes on Seattle’s belly.


A heartwarming pet story.


The Palestinian Authority believes in a living wage.


I’m the furthest thing from an NBA fan, but this warmed the cockles of my black, black heart.


This may put a dent in his latest comeback plans.


The Trump-Media collaboration really is professional wrestling, kayfabe and all.


“‘I observed the male’s genitals and the urination,’ the officer wrote on a copy of the ticket.”  I think that cop sees a dick every morning when he looks in the mirror.


Old Guy Music is… well, I guess they’re all old girls now. But they weren’t then, and bless us for that.