I promised we would all get to see the results of the Glibertarian survey from last week, to answer a question that one member of the editing staff posed.

Lets just say, somebody owes somebody else $1.  Now the results, based off 309 total respondents:

Question #1:  Are you libertarian?

95% of  respondents answered in the affirmative.  Which given a certain statistic (98%) by a certain individual, whom we will call “Michael Hihn”, suggests there are at least 14,308 libertarians out there that reject the label.  Are the respondents really libertarian?  Is there a way we can determine this?  Yes.  With this purity test…

Question #2:  If yes [to question #1], choose the statement you most agree with.

An overwhelming 85% of respondents chose the two statements that most closely align with the “correct” libertarian position on regulating Google.  Correct, from a purely doctrinal standpoint.  One’s opinion on this topic in particular might vary to some degree, which is the reason behind a second correct answer.  One of the responses cited a specific tenet of libertarian philosophy:  private property rights.  The other took a basic NAP approach but perhaps left a possibility for one to be a “realist”  but does not imply direct action taken against Google.  The difference between the two in the quantitative sense is not very large (5%); in the qualitative sense however, it can be argued this makes a world of difference.  Perhaps more can be said on that later.

As for the 13 respondents that use Google to get their jollies…now Google knows you like ginger trannies…

Question #3:  Do you intend to vote in the 2020 election?

The data suggests at least 2/3 of respondents are going to.   Not many ways to split this one.

Question #4:  Who do you believe will win the Republican nomination?

Like Question #3, this one is also straightforward.  One thing to add here is there is a single respondent that believes Bill Weld will win.  It stands to reason that only Bill himself, thinks he has a chance to primary Trump.  Which means Bill is watching—let’s give Governor Weld a nice, warm, Glibertarian welcome…

Question #5:  Who do you believe will win the Democrat nomination?

The results here are filtered for responses greater than zero, given the number of choices available at the time the survey went live.  The respondents have Joe Biden up 10 percentage points on the next highest candidate, Kamala Harris.  Followed by Elizabeth Warren, who likely has a plan to correct these responses.  Which brings us to…

Question #6:  Who do you prefer to win the Democrat nomination?

Tulsi Gabbard received 25%, 5 points more than the next highest response being “other”.  It is somewhat troubling Marianne Williamson was third on the list, which can only be explained by promises of taxpayer funded crystal meth.

Question #7:  Will you entertain a third party option?

About half of the respondents are willing to throw their vote away…

Question #8:  Are you retarded?

Trick question.  Everyone compared to Mr. Lizard, is retarded.

Question #9:  Should Justin Amash run for president, will you entertain the idea of voting for him?

It appears 44% of respondents will…with one caveat—

Question #10:  Which of the following notable libertarians do you like for the Libertarian party candidate or as an independent?

Amash does not poll well when compared to other well-known libertarians.  He barely gets 1% above the throw away response,”None of these cucks are worthy of my vote.”  The respondents’ preference is Rand Paul, who at 28% is 10 points higher than the next highest choice, the lovable TV host Mike Rowe.

Where it gets interesting, is when the responses are cross-referenced.  When filtering among respondents choosing the purity question (#2) response suggesting “realism”, the support for Amash drops by 3 points in Question #9.  Support for Paul in Question #10 rises by 7%.

The reverse of this results in a rise of support to 51.88% for Amash in Question #9, and slight drop to 26.87% for Paul in Question #10, respectively.

Why does this disparity exist?  Feel free to discuss.