Happy skies this week!  First off We have Venus and Mercury aligned with the Sun.  This is an astrology 101 sign: “Lucky in Love.”  Also related is Saturn retrograde in alignment with the sun and the earth which signifies a new beginning at home, or that your house will be swallowed by a sinkhole.  Consult your local geologist.  Trying to have a little somethin’ somethin’ on the DL?  Venus in Cancer has got you covered… this week at least.  Leo plays host to both Mars and Mercury which is pretty awesome news for my chances at the action pistol tournament and for anyone else engaging in games of chance, speed or martial skill.  The moon in Virgo sends out powerful feminine energy and helps with navigation and medicine.

While the skies are happy, the cards aren’t.  Three quarters of the cards are reversed, but on the not-quite-as-bad side, most of these cards aren’t terribly potent.  Also, Lachowsky will get that job offer.

Cancer:  King of Swords reversed – Cruelty, evil intentions, breach of faith, barbarity, perversity

Leo:  The Sun reversed – Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment, though less than if the card had been upright

Virgo:  8 of Coins reversed – Voided ambition, usury, vanity

Libra:  7 of Cups reversed – Desire, will, determination

Scorpio:  6 of Wands – Triumph, great news, hope

Sagittarius:  The Tower reversed – Oppression, imprisonment, tyranny

Capricorn:  The Emperor reversed – Benevolence, compassion, credit, confusion to enemies, immaturity, obstruction

Aquarius:  3 of Swords – Removal, absence, delay

Pisces:  4 of Coins reversed – Suspense, delay, opposition

Aries:  9 of Swords reversed – Imprisonment, doubt, fear, shame

Taurus:  3 of Cups – Conclusion of a project, plenty, merriment, healing

Gemini:  The World – Assured success, voyage, flight