It’s everybody’s favorite time, astrologically speaking… MERCURY RETROGRADE!  Stock up on ammunition, gold and water purification equipment, but you know, more so.

What does that mean this week?  Well last week, we had the Venus-Sun-Mercury “Lucky in Love,” but insteading of moving out of alignment, Mercury decided to stick around but slam on the breaks and back over that resulting in Venus-Sun-MERCURY RETROGRADE “Unlucky in Love.”  The really nasty bit is that it’ll be backing into Cancer on Friday, which means a) sucks to be you if you’re a Cancer, and b) be outrageously careful when driving, since the odds of dying in a distracted driving incident (or a prize fight) go way up then.   This is intersecting also with the Earth and Mars, so be prepared for squabbles on the home front, likely related to the unlucky in love bit.

Cancer needs to be careful on Friday as mentioned earlier, But for the rest of the week Leo has to deal with it along with Mars, so be prepared for petty bitchiness and back-biting and a massive surge in prima-donnery.  I’m not expecting to put up any new best scores since Sagittarius (the sign of marksmen) is hosting both the moon and Jupiter retrograde, both of which will be doing their damnedness to pull my groups apart and off-center.  If you’ve noticed, most of the sky has gone retrograde, so prepare for the Force to not be with you for a while.

The cards tend to agree, 2/3 of the cards are reversed.  And also really heavy on the swords and cups, so there’s some serious dynamic tension there, coupled with failure signs.  Interestingly enough the two upright Majors are both virtues, so perseverance is advised.

Cancer:  7 of Wands reversed – Perplexity, embarrassments, anxiety

Leo:  Queen of Swords reversed – Malice, bigotry, artifice, prudery, deceit

Virgo:  Strength reversed – weakness

Libra:  Justice – Equity, rightness, probity

Scorpio:  5 of Cups reversed – News, affinities, alliances, false projects

Sagittarius:  The High Priestess reversed – Passion, ardor, conceit, surface knowledge

Capricorn:  6 of Swords reversed – Declaration, publicity, confession

Aquarius:  5 of Swords reversed – burial, obsequies

Pisces:  3 of Cups – Merriment, happiness, successful completion

Aries:  7 of Cups reversed – Desire, will, determination

Taurus:  Temperance – Economy, frugality, moderation, management

Gemini:  4 of Cups reversed – Novelty, omen, new instructions