Tomorrow my wife takes a guild test that determines whether or not she’ll be allowed to practice in the field she spent two years in school for. Things are a little… tense… around here today. We don’t have a cat to kick, so I’m filling that role for the household. “See that scar? Its about the size of a cigar. That’s what happens when you fail to make breakfast properly in my house.” Kidding. She’s just freaking out and not really talking to me.

If it is true that the Trump administration has learned restraint… the world may never recover.

Let’s play a game called Antifa or white supremacists.

Duke Nukem is dropping out of the Dem primary. Seriously, if you can’t make it to Iowa or New Hampshire, what the fuck are you doing declaring your candidacy?

39 warning shots? Is this guy a cop? Nice that his 12 year old son saved the day with a wrench. (h/t FdA)


Let’s just rock today.