Happy Monday, all. My wife and I are vacationing sans kids for basically the first time in almost three years. So far, we’ve done a lot of sitting around in companionable silence, drinking adult beverages. Mrs. L found a puzzle, so I may be a puzzle widower for the rest of vacation. We drove down to the Gulf Coast through the parts of Florida worst hit last year. Seeing hundreds of acres of pine trees all knocked over the same way out there by Tyndall was crazy. Mexico Beach looks… empty. Saw perhaps a dozen or more people with campers parked in the cleared areas that used to be beach houses. Anyhow, we are enjoying the quiet, and not being awoken at night or early in the morning by our spawn, who are being half-spoiled from both ends by my wife’s aunt and uncle.

The Burnt Orange Heresy ought to be a movie about a University of Texas student trying to take up rooting for the Sooners to appease his dying father.

Hillary goes with Mussolini-style “we are stronger together” slogan.

Which one of you is this guy’s defense lawyer?

4 in 10 people regret how they lived their adult lives. The other 6 never married.


Animal’s excellent post put me in mind of this song.