How Now Swiss Brown Cow?


I hope all of our Kaleforniuh Glibs are safe, after the earfquakes and aftershocks. A lot of ill-will is sent CA’s way on these pages, but I would think we could all agree that we don’t want people hurt and things broken.

There, with the kind thoughts expressed, time to link (not so kindly):

  • Yes, because Georgia is clearly looking to pick a fight with its smaller neighbor… Russia. Like the Russians need some cheap excuse to pry another piece off of the “near abroad”. @#$% slavers.
  • Looks like UK Labour has decided to mimic TEAM BLUE here in the US. What on Earth is the matter with these people?
  • No word if STEVE SMITH has vacationed in the Balearic Islands.
  • Yes! Let all the clowns into the circus.
  • I. Am. Wary.

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