This story? Again?


I am making sure these links are a bit more …comprehensive than the preview (non)post of last night. First, though, I ride my Catalan Hobbyhorse… the Trials of the Century are about as sluggish as the OJ trial was. A good summary hereIf there are convictions and imprisonment – and the Catalans do not react with violence…I think it is safe to say the whole independence thing is over. The Catalan STASI are watching…

OK then. Horse having been ridden, now links.

  • I kind of like seeing a Top. Men. job go unwanted. Or, at least unfilled. For now.
  • GAH! I am not sure even HM would endorse this fetish. Well…maybe, if it involved an enormous amount of butter and garlic?
  • Looks like (((They ))) might be off the hook. DNA testing and a “changed story”…ugh.
  • Cops on meth! No, this is not a story about Florida. “Do you shabu?”

Come on in, Cacadia has spoken. Or whatever the cryptids say.