A few days ago there was a short discussion about tax returns and business finances.  I understand that a lot of folks (maybe most of them) who operate their own businesses use CPAs or other accountants.  How about keeping track of household finances?

  1. If you have a business do you use accounting services or do you keep track on your own?  If the latter, do you use a program like Quickbooks or Peachtree or something else?
  2. How about personal accounting? Again, software or pencil and paper?  Or do you not bother to keep track and just pay the bills as they come in?

I’ve used Quicken for over 20 years.  I was looking to update my software (my version is 2009) but I see that Quicken has gone to a subscription service that costs about $40 per year and your data are stored in the cloud rather than locally.  I’d be interested in hearing if others have alternatives.