I’ve learned a lesson- never unpack and get the house set up. That’s a portent of bad luck. In my case, the bad luck is getting canned only six months after taking the new gig (long story, but basically the company owner has decided that he doesn’t want to do any new product development or continuous improvement of his current products). So I’m googling bread lines and soup kitchens, and am considering using Wonder Dog to shake down old ladies for whatever money they have in their change purses. SP will now qualify for the free lunch program at our local elementary school. And if any of you know someone in need of a hands-on technical/engineering manager with a sales orientation who can put together an English sentence and not step on his own dick in front of customers…

That aside, the news can still amuse, and I’ll do my best to make it so. Starting with birthdays, of course, including the guy who showed us what peas can do, and in the process, revolutionized science; the guy who came in second to a Sherpa; the woman who redefined hotness in leather; an astonishingly mediocre writer who is unaccountably rich and famous from wordy superficiality; and a guitarist who made his name covering Peter Green.

On to the news!




Well, if they should be able to vote at 16… besides, we may need them for our next Forever War.


Law and order, Citizen!


Never say “rope” in the house of a hanged man.


Well, I guess working at McDonalds is out for me.


This one-ups the great old Annie Ross song Twisted.


Roach Coach Battles!


“Does this mean my crib notes aren’t good any more?”


I’m sure some of you care about this shit. I don’t.


Andrew Yang, on the big issues.


Now THIS is a Trump initiative I can endorse.


“Was that wrong?”


Old Guy Music has perhaps my favorite band line-up kicking ass in sixteen different ways. And check out the circular breathing casually dropped in…