Unlike most of you assholes, I didn’t get a 4 day weekend and I am resentful. So no entertaining anecdotes, personal stories, dirty jokes, or trenchant observations. Just links.

And birthdays, of course. Like the artist with the best mustache; a guy who was one of my great inspirations (“That’s it, Buffy, pretend it’s candy!”); one of the most evil humans in my lifetime, who I hope is roasting in hell; a terrifically talented drummer; and my favorite model for garden gnomes.


The quakes, they keep on comin’.




This is at once concerning and hilarious.


HOAs, whatcha gonna do?


Rosie Ruiz nods.


This HAS to be Spud trolling.


That wacky madcap Muslim guy!


Ahhh, Chicago!



Old Guy Music features birthday boy Louie Bellson blasting his way through a standard, and not only keeping up with Oscar Peterson, but maybe driving him a wee bit…