Good Sunday morning to all the Glibs out there who are up too early- or for the Japan contingent, up too late. I’ve remained trapped in an air-conditioned house because of the Gates of Hell that people here laughingly call “the weather.” I went out for a short errand and came back Jew Jerky. It’s gonna be a long summer…

Birthdays today include a wonderful and memorable character actor; half of arguably the best animating team in the 20th century; a Communist shitbag who wrote some terrific songs, then died horribly; star of one of my favorite cult films;  a guy I enjoyed watching get run over whenever he faced the Baltimore Colts; and an accidental president who totally lost me with a single pardon, one more demonstration of the corrupt Teams taking care of their own.


Assuming that by “their own,” you exclude the Leave It To Beaver Quartet. A Team dog entered the catfight. And the catfight continues apace. My fingers are crossed that Team Red will have the same thing, but I’m pessimistic given that they really have devolved into a cult with a single Daddy Leader.


Jenny shows deep concern and gives her always-valued advice.


I’m getting too old for this shit. I’m guessing hoax, but by the time this posts, I expect we’ll know.


The technical term for this is “incomplete.”


The futuristic technological predictions of an experienced ho.  Just curious if anyone here knows, do modern hos carry Square?


This would never have happened if they had licensing and registration laws.


Party like it’s 1977! Let the looting begin!


I can’t see how this possibly be constitutional. Then again, a ruling invalidating that law might at least slightly nudge religious authoritarians even further toward the idea that marriage shouldn’t be a state function.


This is exactly what your mom warned you about. Maybe people broke their necks, too.


Old Guy Music today is another from Paul Cebar, but this one dedicated to Suthenboy.