This week has powerful elements of change, chaos, disorder, mutation, et. al.  Our first alignment has the Sun (power) linking up with the Moon (transformation) and MERCURY RETROGRADE (higgledy-piggledy).  If that weren’t enough, both of those planets are likewise is houses of instability, with the moon being in Gemini (duality, deception, transition) and MERCURY RETROGRADE being in Cancer (things hidden, shellfish).  Unrelated to the above, we have an additional alignment where Saturn retrograde shares the sun with Venus, so expect new beginnings in your love life.

Welcome Leo! In addition to the Sun, you’re playing host to Mars, so enjoy throwing your weight around and crushing your enemies underpaw.  Cancer also doubles up on the planets, with the aforementioned MERCURY RETROGRADE and Venus.  Which gives us: mistake – veneris – crab.  Be careful out there this week.

Unusual draw this week.  Usually the glibs are heavy on swords and trumps, with coins in the minority by a good sight.  This week, coins dominates.  So be on the lookout for moneymaking opportunities, but be careful because that suit also signifies slowness.

Leo:  The High Priestess – Secrets, mystery, silence, wisdom, tenacity, science.

Virgo:  The Star reversed – Arrogance, impotence, haughtiness

Libra:  4 of Cups – Weariness, disgust, aversion

Scorpio:  3 of Cups – The conclusion of a matter, perfection, happiness, plenty,happiness, victory, solace, healing

Sagittarius:  7 of Coins – Money, business, barter

Capricorn:  Wheel of Fortune reversed – Bad Luck

Aquarius:  5 of Coins reversed – Discord, chaos, ruin, profligacy

Pisces:  Knight of Coins –  Utility, responsibility, interest, rectitude

Ares:  6 of Swords – Journey by water, envoy, expediency

Taurus:  2 of Cups:  Love, friendship, passion, union, that which nature has sanctified, concord

Gemini:  Queen of Swords – Absence, sterility, sadness, embarrassment

Cancer:  6 of Coins – Gifts, gratification, attention, “now is the time”