Not to confuse all the late-nighters with an unexpected post, but now that the last of our house guests have hit the road, I have a little time to let you all know what’s happening on the site this week, courtesy your fellow community members.

As always, links provided by a rotating cast: OMWC, Banjos, Swiss, Brett L, Spud, and assorted cryptids, perhaps. There might be last minute substitutions because of the holiday. Hey, we don’t want to become too predictable!

Tomorrow (let me be the first to wish our Canadian Glibs a Happy Canada Day!), Animal brings us a new shitlord’s bio and Tulip proves that even YOU can decorate a cake. Well,  maybe not Sloopy, but the rest of you.

Tuesday, Ozymandias has a post about Science! and Mythical is back with a Woke Charmed recap.

Wednesday, well, you know what happens on Wednesdays. We *think*, based on some hints thrown out this weekend, that there may be a SugarFree double header this week. Stay tuned!

Thursday is Independence Day here in the States. Leap brings us a piece on liberty, and in the evening, Leon stops by with a thought about taxation.

On Friday, get a jump on the weekend and go kayaking with Tonio. We suspect a cryptid might be along in the evening.

The weekend features entertainment from Mexican Sharpshooter and Not Adahn, in addition to the usual links.

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Ok, I’m off to do another load of dishes and start the linen laundry.  We had a super fabulous weekend. A sincere thanks to everybody who joined us!