Hi guys. Sad news in the L household. My father-in-law passed away yesterday. Unexpectedly, but in a way they could keep him alive long enough for us to be with him when he passed. I’ll probably write something about the FL Department of Corrections’ mission to make that process as undignified and uncomfortable as possible for all involved. Thanks to the other Glibs for the support and links coverage.

Miami charity golf tournament cancelled after finding out strippers were going to volunteer to work it and their employer was a sponsor. What a bunch of prudes. Strippers can do charity work besides a sympathy tug job, you know.

One bad apple framed a whole damn bunch. Former Jackson County, FL deputy arrested on over 50 counts of falsifying evidence. But this is just an isolated incident, right?

Maybe this is too local, but I almost took my kids to this ice cream shop last weekend. What kind of horrible person pisses in an ice cream churn? Oh right, Florida Woman.

Who could possibly have seen this #metoo blowback?


Here’s one my father-in-law liked.