Happy Tuesday, all. I’d like to report an episode of spousal bullying. My wife has been after me for weeks to go to the dermatologist and get “checked out”. I keep trying to tell her that the mole on my back is my friend and he likes it where he is, but she says she’s not into being watched while she sleeps. I broke down and did what I was told. Its a sad world we live in where a man can be bullied by his wife.

Trump signs IRS reform bill that, among other things, prevents IRS employees who were “involuntarily separated” from the IRS from being rehired as employees or contractors.

Mr. Lizard, if you are out there, stay safe. I look forward to the interesting ways Florida Man will kill and maim himself attempting to kill iguanas.

Vice President Pence cancels NH appearance to “return to the White House”. The series Veep assured me that the Veep is NEVER called to the White House. T/W: Autoplay. H/T Heroic Mulatto, who is glad that a man who won’t lunch with a strange woman alone is no longer despoiling his fine state. (No, seriously, the link is SFW and will not alter your state of consciousness)

It looks like we may have the first exit from the Democratic Presidential Clown Car.

We’ll throw this back to my teen hormones.