Moving a little slow, even this afternoon, as my wife and I celebrated her passing her guild exams, and being eligible to practice physical therapy assistant stuff under license of the State of Florida. I’m especially proud for her and impressed by the fact that she got the call that her father was in critical condition and at the ICU only 15 minutes before leaving to take the exam. I’m not sure everyone could put aside their fears and uncertainties to focus on the test and pass. She’s one tough chick, and we know her father would be proud and happy for her as well.

Florida Man level: Grandmaster

I’m not saying that Florida Man was right, but you can understand that a man might need a drink at the strip club

This is a weird fucking story. I’ll withhold judgement, sometimes dingoes do eat babies, but it seems… too move?

Federal BLM employees being driven from Washington DC. Sounds like a good start — and honestly, what better group to move West where the vast majority of the actual land they manage is?


Here’s a fun song, just as good acoustic.