Well, here I am again. I just want to call out the totally justified criticism of using Lobster Girl to cover weak links yesterday. Totally justified. So you get what you get for a featured image, and you can judge the strength of the links for yourself.

China abruptly announces release of nearly 1M Muslims, saying they need the space for Hong Kongers. Okay, I made up the 2nd clause, but does that really make it untrue?

Oh man, the Feds are gonna go on a rape spree over this: Parents transferring custody of children to less wealthy individuals to get the kids more financial aid. Book a room at Club Fed, folks.

I approve of the response time here. Less than five minutes from 911 call to engaging the shooter. If anyone deserves to be shot at Walmart, I nominate this chick.

Well, I found the new Glibertarian secret lair site.


Also, I think YouTube is throttling me. I haven’t been able to get a damn thing to play since I got back from vacation. All the shit loads except playback, so no music for you.