Good morning to the Glibertariat! Because Banjos needed a day off, I figured I’d steal her theme.

And there’s such a wild mix of talents and experience here that I will try to take advantage of you. As I mentioned a week ago, after turning our lives upside down, my new employer decided to cut expenses, which included any new product development, which meant me. So I’m treading water. In the meantime, we’re faced with the disgusting reality of Obamacare. Our main issue is our prescription costs, since both SP and I are on a med that costs a rather staggering amount of money (in a relative sense, about $20 per day for each of us). So… I’m looking at either Mexico or Canada as a source, and wanted to see if any of you had experience with that. Advice and cautions will be gratefully received.

Besides being the anniversary of the Defenestration of Prague, there are some notable birthdays, including some long-winded chick; a Jew-hater who revolutionized our economy;  a pretty damn excellent guitarist; the most copied inventor ever; a bass player who was just not quite good enough; and a chick who always checked her soda cans. Oh and WebDominatrix, whose Wikipedia entry I will not link to.

On to the news!


This is a Twitter link, but really well done and (in a sense) hit home for me. My old neighborhood. And what we actually get is kayfabe. Not that having the Feds step in would fix anything, the corruption an incompetence in local government there is too profound.


Obligatory Demi Rose link.


Korean ranchers?


I’m failing to see the problem with allowing more export sales and trimming a bit from Saudi Arabia’s fortunes. Stupid law, I’m glad it’s dead.


I know, it’s not until tomorrow night, but we can still start drinking.


Sure sign of the end of civilization.


TSA has helpful suggestions.


Rand Paul has pretty weak trolling skills.


Close your eyes and think of England.



Old Guy Music is from one of SP’s favorites, expressing the sentiment I feel.