SP, sitting at her computer: WTF?! Why isn’t this [REDACTED] financial software working properly?!

[REDACTED] Software: Enter your state ID number. 

SP: I don’t HAVE a state ID number.

[REDACTED] Software: *blinking cursor*

SP: *looks up State Agency website to confirm she has no state ID number*

SP, typing: Ah! The State Agency website claims that it uses the federal ID number. I’ll try entering that. 

[REDACTED] Software: Invalid number format.

SP: *tries entering the federal ID number 16 different ways* 

[REDACTED] Software: Invalid number format. (x 16)

SP: *bangs head down on desk*

A momentary pause occurs, while SP proceeds from her office to the liquor cabinet and pours a shot, or maybe two, of Basil Hayden Dark Rye that SugarFree brought her as a hostess gift, because he understands etiquette and has exquisite manners, and is a man of taste and refinement.

SP: *phones [REDACTED] Software Tech Support because their chat isn’t working- THANKS A LOT Mercury Retrograde!- and waits on hold for 43 minutes*

SP: *may or may not pour (lots) more rye while waiting, she will neither confirm nor deny*

SP, finally on the phone with [REDACTED] Software Tech Support: Hello. Your software says I need a state ID number, but the State Agency’s website has assured me it uses the federal ID number. Of course, that doesn’t work, it’s the wrong format, and, in fact, even the wrong number of digits to fit in your form.

[REDACTED] Software Tech Support: That’s incorrect. You MUST have a state ID number. Here is the phone number of the State Agency that can issue you the state ID number. I can’t do anything else for you until you have that number.

SP, sighing: Thanks for all your “assistance.”

[REDACTED] Software Tech Support: Have a nice day!

SP: *calls the State Agency because they have never even HEARD of chat and waits on hold for 37 minutes*

SP, finally on the phone with the drone from the State Agency: Hello. [REDACTED] Software claims it needs a state ID number to be able to process my [REDACTED]. They “helpfully” provided your phone number so I can talk to you and get a state ID number.

State Agency drone: That’s incorrect. We don’t require a state ID number; we just use the federal ID number.

SP: So, I don’t have a state ID number in my account and I don’t need one, correct?

State Agency drone: That’s correct. You…waaaaait a minute. Let me talk to my supervisor. *places SP back on hold*

SP: *definitely pours more rye*

State Agency drone: Are you still there? Oh, good. I usually lose people. Well, it turns out you DO have a state ID number, after all! It’s right here in a field in my database, but you can’t find that part from your account.

SP: Excellent! What’s my state ID number?

State Agency drone: I can’t give it out over the phone. You’ll receive a letter at your corporate headquarters in 14-21 business days.

SP: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Can you email it to the address in my account? 

State Agency drone: Welllllllll, let me check with my supervisor.

SP: Please, don’t put me on hol…

State Agency drone: *places SP on hold*

SP: *relocates the Basil Hayden to her desk to save steps*

State Agency drone: Are you still there? Good news! I’ve gotten special permission to give you the number via email! Have a nice day!

SP: THANK YOU! That’s fantastic! *checks email and copies the state ID number enclosed*

[REDACTED] Software: Enter your state ID number. 

SP: Well, here you go! *triumphantly pastes in state ID number*

[REDACTED] Software: According to State Agency’s records attached to this state ID number, you are exempt from this provision. Have a nice day! 

SP: *opens second bottle of rye, turns off computer, turns on music*