So I went out to fill up my gas tank, because I was on empty and have been gone all week, and got to wait in line for the privilege of buying premium at the third gas station that I went to. My wife went to the grocery store because she always shops on Friday and got to experience bread and water rationing. Why? Why you crazy fucking Florida people? I also engaged in a little pre-storm deforestation of my yard, but only because I hated those trees anyways and I told my boss I needed to have some flex in my schedule today to storm prep. Now I have a picture to send him. At least there was plenty of beer at the store.

Seriously, though. Anyone on the East side who wants to come West instead of getting all the way out the state can contact me at: brett_bolt -at- yahoo

Apologies if any of these links are repeats, I’ve been away

I’m really enjoying the UAW talking about “a few bad apples” — by which they mean both of the most recent organizational presidents. I was in Detroit this week, so there was more news than I can find in this article. I especially liked the one with the neighbor texting his wife about there being “stacks of cash” being taken out of his garage by the Feds. Of course, this is all Trump’s fault.

This space hotel has to be spun up under gravity, or they’ll never be able to get the sheets clean.

Linklater is really taking this thing about filming over time too far.

You know what the VA hospitals don’t need? Serial killers.


Oh, and happy Toolstice