My younger son turns 4 tomorrow. Four. I no longer have toddlers in my house. Just tiny, opinionated people who have mood swings like drunk people on pills. So happy birthday to the T-Wrecks, my little space invader. No seriously, he’s like a cat. As soon as you sit down, he wants to drape himself all over you. Four years ago about now, we went by the hospital and they sent us home, then we went to pick up a “going home” infant outfit because he obviously wasn’t waiting for September. At 5:00 the next morning, Mrs. L told me she was pretty sure it was time to go. Me: “are you like, super sure? Could I go into work first and do a couple of things?” By the time they got her situated and the nurses did a “test push”, he was ready to eject. I had to drop our older son off with a friend and come back, while the nurses went for the doc. I got back, she pushed, and we had another tiny human.

On the links front, OMWC put up about 5 days worth of links, including some replays of mine from yesterday, so I’ll see what I can find here…

I’m told that this sort of thing only happens in capitalist horrorshows, not enlightened socialist paradises.

Names are being named now that Jeffrey Epstein is going down.

A bank in Denmark is going to offer 20 year mortgages at zero interest, ten years at -0.5%. I imagine that the origination fees and such must be incredible.

The major question about this proposed German ‘meat tax’: At what rate is long pig taxed?


..and Youtube is giving me the fuckoff again, so bring your own music.