Bearcats Beat Bruins In Battle.

Its Friday, and college football is almost here!!! Well, it actually started already but not really. Minnesoooooda almost rowed to boat into an iceberg but came back to avoid pulling a Michigan. Utah pounded BYU. Cincinnati beat UCLA. Arizona State, Clemson, aTm and a couple other teams won big.  A few more games tonight and then we will finally be to the first full football Saturday of the year.

The Astros lost to the Rays in a wild game that took over 4 hours and included Rays pitchers walking three Astros home. Other winners were Cleveland, Oakland, the Minnesoda Twins, Chicago (NL), Miami, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Arizona, and San Diego.

Smona Halep got bounced and Coco Gauff won a very fun match on the ladies side. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the mens side of the draw and we get closer to some very compelling matches and week 2 of the US Open.

See what I mean? You could drive a Mack truck through there!

Spanish king Peter The Cruel, who I’ve never heard of before, was born on this day. As were: author Mary Shelley, “The Kingfish” Huey Long, annoying actress Shirley Booth, prolific actor Fred MacMurray, the greatest hitter of all time Ted Williams, boxing trainer extraordinaire Angelo Dundee, billionaire Warren G Buffett, cartoonist Robert Crumb, idiot Molly Ivins, once-funny Lewis Black, NFL player STEVE SMITH, largemouthed actress Cameron Diaz, and musician Aaron Barrett.

That’s a pretty decent list. But the show must go on, so here are…the links!

Any of you guys starting to get a little bit of a rack? Well, you’re in luck!

Looks like Hurricane Dorian is gonna be a monster. And a slow-moving one at that.  Stay safe Florida-Georgia Glibs.

Smug asshole.

James Comey commits a shitload of crimes. Avoids prosecution under new “separate but equal” justice system that seems to be applied to every public official of stature imaginable. Hell, the dude went so far as to demand apologies for everybody that said he was a crook.  Because fuck you, that’s why.

Looks like Illinios is fucking up pot legalization. But don’t worry. Elected officials are scrambling to ensure the right amount of graft is connected to its implementation.

What has two thumbs and is back on YouTube? Not this guy!

Just in case you needed to get your fix of crazy shit, InfoWars is back on YouTube!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, it’s gone.

Far-right outlet Infowars made a short-lived return to YouTube Thursday after its banishment last year, briefly illustrating social media’s struggle to remove rule-breaking content while still maintaining a forum for free expression.

If you’re banning shit left and right, you’re not maintaining a forum for free expression. You’re within your right as a business owner, but let’s not pretend you’re a forum for free expression, ok?

You want a ridiculous fear-mongering headline? Well I’ve got just the headline for you then. No spoilers. You’ll have to look for yourself to see how absurd it is.

Man, I miss these guys. They were so freaking good. Anyway, enjoy!

Now go have a great day and even better weekend, friends!