Things are unusually positive overhead.  Yes, we still have the Jupiter and Saturn retrogrades dragging things down, but the rest looks good, particularly with MERCURY RETROGRADE ending.  Things are looking particularly auspicious for those Glibs who identify as female, and if any of those happen to be born under the sign of Cancer, buy yourself a lottery ticket.  Venus and the moon balancing around the sun means that Lady luck will be a lucky lady for the ladies, as mentioned in previous sentence.  Branching off of that, Mercury and Saturn retrograde indicate news of a major new beginning.  At different times in the Mercury orbital period, this could also indicate extremely bad news, calamity etc. but occurring so soon after Mercury returns to direct motion makes it much more positive in context.

Another great week for Leos, the smug bastards.  Having both Venus and Mars indicates completion/perfection, rescuing the damsel, all that storybook stuff.  The moon in Virgo adds to the whole GRRRL POWER! thing that the other planets have going on as well as success in water-related activities.  And finally, Cancer benefits from the burst of good luck that happens when Mercury goes direct. Everyone else gets some added security this week.

OK, so the cards are back to being glib-typical after last week’s, with five of the twelve being swords.  Sometimes when I’m reading these each week, I can’t see how they can apply to you.  You guys do an excellent job of pretending to be good people.

Leo:  The Emperor – Stability, power, aid, a great person, reason (drink!)

Virgo:  Knight of Coins – Utility, service, rectitude, responsibility, interest

Libra:  3 of Swords – Removal, absence, delay, division

Scorpio:  2 of Swords reversed – Misguided vengeance,imposture, falsehood, disloyalty

Sagittarius:  9 of Swords reversed – Imprisonment, doubt, fear, shame

Capricorn:  Ace of Swords reversed – Pyrrhic victory, great force in love and conflict with disastrous results

Aquarius:  Temperance – Economy, frugality, accommodation, management, moderation

Pisces:  5 of Swords* – Degradation, destruction, infamy, dishonor, loss

Aries:  7 of Wands – Valor, discussion, worldly strife, competition in trade or business

Taurus:  The Hierophant – Alliance, captivity, servitude, someone to who you have recourse, inspiration, mercy and goodness

Gemini:  Ace of Wands reversed – Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition

Cancer:The Hermit reversed – Concealment, disguise, unreasonable caution, fear

*I’ve been using the classic readings here prior to getting the Glib Tarot printed, but this reading is just bullshit.  It’s so disingenuous that I have to believe it’s one of those deliberate distortions I’ve mentioned before.  Yes, all of those things are in this card, but they are aspects of the background characters — the foreground guy is completely smug after having beaten up those background guys and taken their stuff.  To the extent that the reading applies, it applies as happening to other people as a result of your actions.