You know Brett.  He’s double booked between two clients trying to pick up product from him, the problem of course he only has enough product for one of them, and will likely make them fight to the death to see who gets the privilege of purchasing from Don Brett.


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The big news down south is coming from Argentina.  Yesterday their stock exchange dropped a gut wrenching 48%.  Why?  This guy, no, not Peron.  Peron is dead, but his dumbass ideas are not.  The Argentines have compulsory primary elections and the current, pro-business president Macri and his policies of austerity, lost in the primary.  Now the actual election is in October but he lost by a 15% margin.  Which makes it Brazil–in reverse.

Speaking of Brazil, a well-known drug trafficker attempts to escape from prison by disguising himself as his daughter.

Women protest in Mexico.

Around 300 protesters, mostly female, descended on the Mexican capital’s prosecutor’s office on Monday.  Armed with pink glitter and spray paint, they advanced on the building, smashing its door and leaving a pig’s head outside.  The protests were sparked by two recent rape cases.  The first involves a 17-year-old girl who said four policemen raped her in their patrol car in Azcapotzalco, in the capital’s north, on 3 August. The second concerns a 16-year-old girl who said a policeman raped her in a museum in the city centre days later.

An interesting article on the lengths Venezuela needs to go to evade US Sanctions.

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