¡Buenos dias! Yesterday was a more of an impromptu selection of links I would otherwise have posted this morning…so what to do?


It was to my understanding, Australia solved that whole the mass…murder…thing.

A recession indicator.  Perhaps this time both sides might be so preoccupied with owning each other they manage to do exactly nothing in response…yeah I know.  Crisis going to waste.  BTW the current price of Bitcoin… 

Yeah, I’d probably seek damages if I was enough of a wimp to get my ass kicked in a barfight by — Don Lemon?

They’re gonna party like its 1989.

Meanwhile…the NY Times is taking issue with team Trump’s ambivalence over tensions is Asia.

But as violence escalates and old animosities are rekindled across Asia, Washington has chosen inaction, and governments are ignoring the Trump administration’s mild admonitions and calls for calm. Whether it is the internal battles in India and Hong Kong or the rivalry between two American allies, Japan and South Korea, Mr. Trump and his advisers are staying on the sidelines.

The inability or unwillingness of Washington to help defuse the flash points is one of the clearest signs yet of the erosion of American power and global influence under Mr. Trump, who has stuck to his “America First” idea of disengagement, analysts say.

Meh.  If they really wanted to do something I’m sure they would do something.  Nah, lets do…nothing.  Yes, I will feel really bad for Hong Kong and Taiwan, but they fucked up and trusted the Chicoms.

Good news for somebody here.

Here’s some tunes.  Happy hump day.