Happy Monday! My co-worker who was wearing the architect hat for this project is leaving for greener pastures in a month. So I just received a field promotion to architect. Whee. I need to ask my boss if I can have the difference between the salary I am making and the salary co-worker was making. Anyhow, I have no desire to remold this project in my image, so I’m just gonna try to finish the way it started.

Would you like to play a game? And of course, the article gets the wrong Matthew Broderick movie reference.

Bottom study of the day – lonely young men are far more likely to become extreme. Umm, yeah. Even Bill Maher had this figured out in 2002.

I wish every mass shooting ended like this. Good on ya, Mr. Rafiq.

I like how the best case in the Epstein death is massive incompetence. These are the same people you’d have to trust to protect you from harm if a gun ban came down.


Happy Monday.