Let me just get this narrowed gaze going right now…

Too much work, not enough play makes Swiss Servator … tired. Maybe pathologically insane too. But that remains to be seen. But, my squawking is not why you are here. You are here to ignore some links and post whatever is on your mind. I will do my part and give you those links.

Heeeere’s Swissy!


  • Germans. I should have known it was a German. I hope the cantonal cops dripped hot raclette on his eyelids.
  • All the world plots to give SugarFree material for the Hat and the Hair. Last I knew, that guy was supposed to yell for cruise missiles, not negotiate trade deals. Pfft.
  • Another great day for Boeing. Maybe they can save a few dollars by cutting some QA staff?
  • Which one of you did this? Fess up.

Right then, be about yer business.