Pedestrians. The worst place for them is Santa Clara California, signage everywhere, but drivers are assholes, very dangerous for walkers.

Worst pedestrians are in Santa Monica, it’s all about them, signs be damned, and they are all pedestrian favorable, WTF?

People are fat, there I said it, HO LEE Fuck. We are a truly gifted nation.

Waffle House makes a fine biscuits and gravy.

Grifters, it goes from a cigarette to a beer to a ride to 20 bucks for drugs.

Dogs are fine for motels but kittahs, not so much, we sent her back to Cali.


Here’s a dog in action.


You always want to be close to Walmart, everything revolves around them, Target, Home Depot, Panera, Chipotle, Dollar Tree, the list goes on.

Find a good beer store and try the local stuff, if it sucks they always have West/East coast alternatives.


Gallery of Colorado beers I have tried.

Met a man named Sam, he runs the Torture Chamber at the Larkspur Renaissance Fair, nice guy.

Back at my normal job, EMS systems, people complain about the traffic. Yes, it’s horrible but I have one word, you want bad? 210 Freeway anytime.

 Moving day is a drag, you start the day before work, reservations, loadout, etc. then off.


Las Cruces, NM

Nice place on the Rio Grande, got a carnitas burrito that was all carnitas, nothing else happened. On Monday, I arrive at the job site to find that the local electricians installed my entire system, which sounds great until it dawns on you who did the work, so I spent the next three days cleaning up the project, and, yes, it works fine.

Bella is a fantastic dog for traveling and living like this, quiet, no potty mistakes while I’m at work, and just a love puppy. We walk and drink a lot, and meet people like Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is an old cholo from Texas, and was working at the missile range. We talked and drank in the evenings about kids, life travel the whole nine yards. Lots of pizza and weed, and good camaraderie, when him and I both realized we would be stuck one more day, barbeque! Cheddar brats and cheddar bacon burgers, a real fun time.



BTW, that’s Erwin our Native American Friend. 

Where is Lorenzo? I always ask before taking pictures of people, and tell them I’m a writer, doing writer type stuff, he said no pictures, but yes to the story, and that’s cool. I’m not Time Pool or Dan Rather, just a guy on the road, telling tales from America.


An unafraid roadrunner decided to taunt Bella, so I let her stalk the little shit, and he totally toyed with the dog, funny stuff there.


Off to the Colorado River for family, rest and party; Bullhead City to be precise.


I’m a Rocket Man.


I did make it to my daughter’s house, chilling well.