I love salad. In fact, this is something we eat at least four nights per week.

OMWC makes the absolute best salad dressing. Ever. Period. End of discussion.


I LOVE OMWC’s green salads, truly, I do. Yet, I also love salads with every vegetable in the fridge and some fruits thrown in. Maybe some nuts and cheese, too. (#notvegan, sorry WebDom). And I love pasta salads, rice salads, tabboulehs, cucumber salads, and pretty much any other salad. (As long as it doesn’t incorporate soapweed.)

What do you like? Plain greens? Greens with heirloom or other tomatoes on the side? Bread? What kind of dressing? Loads of vegetables? Non traditional salads?

Please share. Recipes, too, if you have ’em.

I’ll be over here enjoying this salad while you talk among yourselves.



See also, Tulip’s excellent salad post.