I’ve tried many times over the years to give up coffee, but man it’s hard. I don’t drink a ton of it; maybe 5 cups a week, but I have noticed when I don’t drink any at all for a whole week I’m really cranky.

Part of it is the caffeine, and part of it is that I really love coffee.

Like love love.

I’ve loved coffee since I was 15 years old to a degree that has been known to frustrate my loved ones because I can’t settle for just plain average coffee.

I love the flavour of good coffee. I love the process of crafting a perfect latte with velvety microfoam. And yeah, I love the pick-me-up.

So for this edition of Products You Need, I thought I’d share my favourite coffees and coffee tools.


Hario Coffee GrinderHario Ceramic Coffee Grinder

This is a staple in my household. I buy whole bean coffee, and grind it fresh “to order” every morning.

I dislike the traditional blade grinders for coffee because they chop the beans while this manual burr grinder crushes the beans.

The grinder attaches to any standard mason jar, but I only grind as much as I need. The grind is adjustable all the way down to Turkish.

Some reviewers have voiced complaints about the screw coming loose during grinding. I have noticed this, but that was solved by having NotUsidore tighten it for me. Tightening the screw doesn’t adjust the grind setting on my grinder.

I bought the Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder in October 2014, and I can confidently say it’s worth the investment.


Bodum Pour OverBodum Pour Over

When I got into pour over coffee I searched long and hard for the perfect pour over maker, and after a lot of research I settled on the Bodum Pour Over.

After much experimentation with my Hario, the best grind for making hot coffee in the Bodum, use a fine-medium grind with the filter in.

But in recent years, cold brew is my preferred drink.

To make cold brew with the Bodum, a medium-coarse grind works best. Too fine and the water doesn’t reach the grinds on the bottom, which causes a weak and watery brew. Too coarse and the flavour is weak due to under extraction.

For cold brew, I pour the grinds right in the bottom of the Bodum, and then filter for serving.


Coffee Gator French Press

I’ll never forget when Thermos came out with a French Press. I was so excited. I took it everywhere because if you have a Thermos french press and grinds, you can have awesome coffee at a gas station or truck stop.

The Coffee Gator French Press is even better as fewer grinds make it into the cup. It’s quite easy to clean. If you use it regularly, I suggest soaking the filter in white vinegar once a week to remove any build up of oils.

Coffee stays hot for about 2 hours, and as an added bonus, it has a handy canister for your grinds.

If you travel a lot, especially if you do a lot of road trips, this french press is a must-have.


Primula Cold Brew BottlePrimula Portable Cold Brew Bottle

For cold brew on the go, I recommend the Primula Portable Cold Brew Bottle. It’s super easy to use, and travel friendly.

Add grinds and water before bed, and in the morning you just have to grab the bottle out of the fridge on your way out the door.

This filter requires a medium-course grind in my experience.

You can also use this for making hot coffee or hot tea. It comes with a sleeve so you can avoid burning yourself.

I’ve never had any problems with leaking due to the silicone gaskets inside the lids. That said though, make sure to remove the gasket at the bottom (under the filter basket) when you clean it. I didn’t for the first few weeks and my coffee started tasting weird.

It’s fairly easy to clean.



Stok Cold BrewStok Cold Brew Coffee

I am soooo not a morning person, and some mornings I’m incapable of making coffee before I’ve had coffee. I recently discovered Stok Cold Brew Coffee.

Yes, it’s cheating, but I like having a bottle in the fridge for the mornings I just simply can’t function, and I’m out of cold brew.

It’s a lot better than I expected. I was expecting it to be filled with all sorts of extra crap like most store bought cold brews, but that’s not the case. It’s coffee, and water. Each bottle is consistent. I mix with a little soy milk, though it’s perfectly fine without.

I’d love to hear about your favourite coffee tools. Share! Enlighten me!