And this was a minor frustration, but still. Hand me a string instrument and I can usually coax a few things out of it. They may not be pretty, but they’re recognizable. And after a little bit, I can puzzle out chord shapes and a few lead patterns. But yesterday, I had my first shot at a Chapman Stick, and… well… Stick 1, Jew 0. That is a devilishly difficult instrument!

Speaking of devilishly difficult, so is giving birth and being born. And in the latter category, today commemorates someone with a conjecture; someone with a funny hat; someone with a fabulous mustache; someone with a deep throat; someone with a minuscule IQ; and Rupert Pupkin and Harry Tuttle, all rolled into one.

On to the news!


Government efficiency.


Government esthetics.


Rodney King again???


A smart decision. 


Well, this is a novel way to score.


Suffixes are of the Devil.


Next is chopsticks.


The Chicago Way.



Old Guy Music is what I wish I could have done on that fucking Stick