And fittingly, the week ended with me getting sick and having some massive… ummm… never mind, SP gets annoyed with me when I talk about it. So I won’t. But I will mention birthdays, which include the guy who inspired this site; an amazing asshole; one of the funniest humans to ever walk this planet; one of the greatest players to ever wear the black and orange; and the guy who put the ham in hamster (or maybe the other way around).

Oh yes, the news.


Troll In Chief raises concern. CONCERN!


I know, let’s have government run health care. They have such a good track record!


“Do I eat this or stand on it?”


They’re not morons, you’re sexist.


Maybe if they didn’t make such shitty cars… Say, didn’t our pockets get picked a few years ago to subsidize this shitshow? Oh, wait, it’s not theft, it’s investment. Thanks, Obama!


Glad we don’t live in a police state.


Resemblance to Soviet propaganda posters is purely intentional.


A tiny, tiny piece of good news. Very tiny.



Old Guy Music is one of the classics and as close to an actual hit as this band ever got.