Do you know what’s even less fun that Arizona in August? Arizona in August without a working air conditioner. And the repair guys have now completed their eighth visit and assured us, “Oh yeah, this time we got it!” Which, coincidentally, is exactly what they said the last seven times. And of course… it stopped working again. So I’m a baked Jew, and not in the good sense, though compared to the German version of this dish, I’m more of a sous vide.

Birthdays today include a guy who made a monkey out of William Jennings Bryan; another statist piece of shit who actually was a racist; one of my absolute favorite sci-fi writers, whose work was relentlessly American; one of my absolute favorite jazz singers; a woman who is actually quite fun in person– and was railroaded by a grandstanding prosecutor (as NY prosecutors tend to be); and a guy who got killed in Vietnam but never got the news.

Speaking of which, the links:


Trump tries yet again to fuck up a good thing by increasing taxes.


OK, now we know what came out of the woodshed talk last week.


“…and you can trust us!”


News you can use.


I’m sensing a theme here.


Yeah, definitely a theme.


Assholes all the way down.


Speaking of baseball, this is a great story.


My favorite story of the day.


He’s your problem child now.


Old Guy Music is something of a curiosity- we’ve all heard Hendrix’s cover, I love Popa Chubby’s cover, but somehow we don’t often hear the original. Or maybe it’s not the original.… breakups are often messy.