Sunday again, and I’m tasked with picking up the dog shit from the back yard. And somehow, there’s symbolism in that. But before I go outside and deal with the blazing heat and smelly Volkswagen-sized turds, I’ll lay out a few links for your delectation.

But first, the birthdays. Starting with a guy whose bottom was trimmed- and his top, too; a guy whose rules we all obey;  a dishonest statist piece of shit who swore he could pass through the eye of a needle; the Queen of Hype who had to school a lot of over-educated idiots about the Monty Hall Problem; a guy who was the apple of his mother’s eye; and a guy who managed to be fatter than Luis Tiant.

And now the news.


Stupid Uncle Joe praises the Schenck decision. Fuck you, Joe, I hope you get an aneurysm and die before destroying even more lives.


Yang is a pussy. Or completely cynical. Or both.


They took his head out of the freezer for this???


Nutty self-absorbed chick is nutty and self-absorbed.


Scroll down to see the tax increases they have planned for you to keep the pyramid scheme going.


He really, really needs to be on the Browns, but the Raiders are a good second choice.


“The fact that Christiania even exists reflects that not everyone is happy with the Nordic welfare state.”


We can hardly wait. But at least it will be better than Jaws.


Modern academia, Baltimore-style.



Old Guy Music combines my John Prine kick with my adoration of Iris DeMent. You can skip ahead to 1:30 if you want to bypass the patter. Delightful and hilarious song, and really, one day SP and I are going to have to play this for friends.