*clears throat*

I’m going to channel the movie announcer guy….

What do we have in store this week?

Tomorrow Animal has another lesson on Toxic Masculinity with a delightful crossword puzzle in the evening.

Tuesday Pie in the Sky presents a thought provoking piece on competition in the public sector, and another poll in the evening.

Wednesday, Sugarfree once again either gives us reason to consider suicide by cop or just risk being fired for drinking at work.  One or the other.

Thursday Mr. I.B. McGinty pens something I certainly hope you uncultured troglodytes actually read.  Seriously, its good..stay tuned.

Otherwise we have the usual links, by the Old Man, Brett, Banjos, Sloopy, ZARDOZ, STEVE SMITH, Spudalicious* and everyone else that may or may not get called in from the bullpen at the last minute.  That’s what makes this place so damn exciting…even we don’t always know what’s in store.

I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason skyline chilli is being made in my house.  Why?  I don’t know and I’m not stopping it.  Mostly because it at least looks better than the abomination they call pizza in South Korea.

Enjoy what’s left of Sunday.


*as in the Spud Man,  The Spudster.  Spud-master Flex.  Spuddin around dropping Spud like hot fiery spud….