It’s approaching 100° in the house, which puts me in an extremely ill humor. On the bright side, I’ve lost six pounds. Maybe the ineffective A/C guy will come today, maybe he won’t. And trust me, SP is in an even worse mood, so walk softly. Wonder Dog just lays on the floor and pants. Mom just sits in her chair, looks confused, and asks, “Is this Hell? Did I get here from raising you?”

As usual, there’s an eclectic bunch of birthdays today, including one of my favorite contemporary comic actors; a corrupt statist piece of shit who just won’t fucking go away; his statist piece of shit buddy who mainstreamed Judenhass into Team Blue; a wonderfully bad Santa; the snugglebunny for Sandra Day O’Connor; the guy who redefined jazz trumpet; and a delightful guitarist whom I can personally attest was a delightful person as well.

On to the news.


I’ll leave out the latest OMG GUNS BAD GUNS BAD!!!! freakouts from Texas since the 48 hour rule is in effect. But the reliable dolts are reliable.


Amerikanski meddling.


Wait, Team Red has the same kind of assholes as Team Blue? I am shocked, SHOCKED.


In other news, water is wet.


Never change, San Francisco, never change.


Wow, another opportunity for graft!


If you look hard enough for racism, it’s there, even if you have to enhance it un peu.


Old Guy Music features the birthday boy. And really, don’t bother playing blues after this, he used up all the licks.