The Night Shift

Greeting to all the Glib movers, shakers, makers, lurkers, dreamers, weirdos, and, assorted riff-raff. It is I, your fellow night-filer, Sir Digby! I know, I know—just hear me out. This is my first attempt at an ongoing article series for glibs of, shall we say, non-traditional hours. I’m not quite sure what this is going to end up looking like, but, my plan is to make this something of a pot-luck offering: recaps, shout-outs, questions to get us thinking… Oh, and links: plenty of links. So, buckle up (or, don’t—I ain’t your papa) and let’s dive in:

I have something special for each of you.

News of the Weird. Because, when I think ‘Glibertarians’…

If it’s the case that, “When everyone is special, then no one is special”, can that reasoning be accurately applied as, “When it’s everyone’s problem, it’s no one’s problem”? I can’t help but think that things like this happens in plenty of places when people give up power to politicians. They end up effectively telling politicians to handle issues that don’t impact those politicians, and/or, don’t provide extra income for government actors. The citizenry is incentivized to pass the buck, and the stuff doesn’t get done. Of course, when someone gets the notion to actually do something as a private action, they get vilified by anyone threatened by the idea of a shrinking government.

Have some pups, kittehs, and a baby kangaroo to make your night. Or day, if the sun’s up in your world. If you aren’t checking out Daily Dose of Internet, you should be involuntarily committed. Six million people can be wrong, but, not for subscribing to his page.

Does anyone here watch One America News? I don’t think I have access to it via cable (not cord- cutting just yet!), but have in the past. Since it seems to be the Fox News little sister that no one pays any attention to, I am wondering what my fellow glibs have to say about their coverage/analysis. It seems the leftists hate it—are their criticisms valid? If so, would that be why they aren’t usually cited…well, anywhere that I have seen?

Question Time: What’s your favorite humming noise?

So, what’s the deal with the Glibertarian Discord? How does it “work” in conjunction with this site, if, at all? I feel like it could be my second third home, but, I seem to just associate it with Twitch streamers, and I put it out of my mind for the glibs. But, a scroll through the various sub-threads shows several contributors that I see here regularly, some that I recognize from the long-ago, and some where I just draw a blank.

Can’t get enough of leftist shenanigans in higher education? Oh, me neither! I highly recommend you check out Benjamin Boyce’s video series on what happened on Evergreen State College in 2017. Just be sure to have something for headaches and for vomiting handy (especially when you get to around the 7th part). Trust me on this.

I know many around here aren’t big on birthday acknowledgements. However, since I got so many well-wishes from my compatriots here this month, and I saw that Yusef and Lord Humongous were celebrated as well, I want to be contrarian. So, I’ll close up the month with a Happy Birthday to all of us August-born Glibs! And, if you don’t like bacon birthdays, well, then the hell wit’cha!

Let’s close this out with some very appropriate music.

*If you like having a night post for the weekends, and approve of this format, or, have suggestions on how to improve it, please say so in the comments–I am hoping this can be a collaborative effort.