Things seem to be somewhat in order – as far as posts go. We can use more material (hint, hint). It is good to have SNP back, and you may have noticed that Ozymandias has given us a chance to run some late night material. So, let us see what is coming up this week.

Monday – Animal gives us some advice on country livin’ shootin’ irons. Straffinrun…well, just read it. You will see.

Tuesday – Tejicano will speak to us of Japanese swords. Ozymandias will continue his recounting of the Great Anthrax trial.

Wednesday – Hide. Run. But it won’t save you from the Hat and the Hair. Trshmnstr continues with part 2 of his tale of horror.

Thursday – Will the Secret Nazi President be more Nazi and even more secret? Yusef fills us in on life on the road.

Friday – Pie has a question for Scotland. Cryptid time, later on.

Weekends continue with OMWC, Mexican Sharpshooter, Spudalicious and Not Adhan.

Weekdays see linkings by me, OMWC, Banjos, Brett, Mex and a cast of…several. Some. Few? Whatever.

Enjoy the open comments.