Hey guys, its a beautiful day. I finally beat my wife at darts — which neither of us is great at — for the first time. Then she bit me. I almost forgot that she was a biter when we met. She managed to eke out a victory in our second game, but that was also much closer than usual. Maybe if we played more often than once every six to ten weeks, we’d both get decent at it. I also commend to all of you mexican sharpshooter’s awesome STEVE SMITH totally not based on true events story from mid-day.

Florida bums have fight to death outside of McDonalds. Gotta love bums.

I’ll just get up on my hobby horse and post another alternative calculation of galactic scale gravitational forces that don’t require dark matter. This is just cool because they also used it to calculate how much energy it takes to uncoil DNA. Entropy is crazy and fascinating and the math makes my head hurt.

I eagerly await calls for common sense knife controls after a rash of mass stabbings.

This dude make Ryan Leaf look like a stable genius. Some people have such horrible mental health problems they’re beyond help. Unless by help you mean locking them away forever somewhere.

I can confirm. Nobody thinks I’m unproductive at work.


New music from a band who definitely does not take itself too seriously.