Well, guys, I hate to link and run, but I got a hall pass to the local beer bar tonight, and it starts at 3:00 Cis-Heterol Shitlord Time. So, please enjoy and understand, I’m mailing them in.

I have to think that Russian pilots spend a lot of time practicing a no-engine belly landing. Still, we confer Hero of the Glibertariat upon the pilot. STEVE SMITH will be by to deliver his prize.

Follow up on the gravity as entropic force. As I understand it, this has been used to successfully predict the visible mass of about 50 galaxies as well as being the basis of the article about dark matter free calculation of spiral gravity rotational velocity.

Good news in the war on the White Plague.

I’m not saying its aliens, but...


Bring your own tunes!

SugarFree’s 2020 Dem Deathwatch Update