I had so much hope yesterday when Serena dropped that first set. But the girl she was playing got nervous and kinda choked a bit. But watching a female serve and volley that much was kinda fun.  It also reminded me of this scene from possibly the greatest documentary of all time. I am hopeful that she won’t win the tournament now. Unfortunately, I am starting to feel the same about Joker. That shoulder doesn’t look good.

Just keep on winning!

College football is so close I can feel it.  Until then, I’ll just have to watch my Firstros keep winning. They took their second in a row off the Rays and breathed a little life into Boston’s postseason hopes, who won to get back within 4 games of the second WC slot. Those chowderheads may sneak back into the race yet. Other winners were: Milwaukee, NY (AL), Philly, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago (NL), Cleveland, Cincinnati, Minnesooooooda, Kansas City, LA (NL), and Texas.

Arriba Arriba!

I love starting the birthday list off with a heavyweight like John Locke. It usually means there are a few other big names on the list today. Let’s see…we’ve got” actress Ingrid Bergman, actress Isabel Sanford, jazzman Charlie “Bird” Parker, actor Richard Attenborough, not-so-good fighter pilot John McCain, actor Elliott Gould, tv personality Robin Leach, cartoon character Speedy Gonzales, and pedophile-musician Michael Jackson. A few big names there.

Alrighty then, lets get on with…the links!

Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Virgin Islands and is headed to Florida. Its expected to be at least a Cat 3 storm. Stay safe over there, friends.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is quickly walking back his essentially unsourced claim that “Russian oligarchs cosigned Trump loans”. But its all good. The narrative was set, eh comrade?

Jesus, look at these busybody pricks. IF YOU DON’T THINK THEY’RE SAFE, THEN DON’T RIDE ONE, ASSHOLE!  Also, somebody needs to claw back the CDC. Mission creep there has gotten out of control.

Run for your lives, its a … sugary soda

Oh, sweet Mother of God.  the TSA gets even more retarded. I have a question: what the fuck are the rape-scanners and X-ray machines for if you’re banning shit because it “looks too much like a bomb”? Wouldn’t the X-ray show that, you know, it isn’t one?

Ilhan Omar may be in deep shit.  But she’s said she doesn’t want to talk about it. And the media are largely letting her get away with it. Hopefully this results in a deeper examination of campaigns paying family members or other “close friends” ridiculous amounts of money. I think America would be pretty fucking shocked what someone can get paid to stuff envelopes if they’re related to the right person.

Europe anxious to stop Brexit as Germany and other members hurtle toward recession. You know, maybe if y’all hadn’t been such dicks, you’d have already had a trade agreement in place and there wouldn’t be cause for panic.  But no. Petty bureaucrats gonna petty bureaucrat.

That’s all I got.  Except for this, which is awesome. And all those guys are married to hot chicks, by the way.

Alright, go out there and have a great day friends!