I formerly believed that nothing in life is certain except death and taxes and sociopathic politicians, but now I have more things to add to my list. Like questions.

  1. “So I moved in here with you?”
  2.  “I’m in PHOENIX, ARIZONA?!”
  3. “It’s HOW hot outside?”
  4. “What time is it? It feels like it’s 11 o’clock!”
  5. “Did I collect my things?”
  6. “What’s happening with my apartment in Florida?”
  7. “My mind is a complete blank. Remind me, what am I supposed to be doing today?”
  8. “Do I have my medicine?”
  9. “You know what? I recognize that man in the picture, but what’s his name again?”
  10. “Did I have breakfast?”


Oh, yes, and a tune to start your day.

Repeat with me: patience is a virtue.

Have a good one, kids.