So, I went to the dermatologist today, because my wife insisted that I get checked for cancer. Her dad had some pretty bad melanoma before he got the other cancer, so I didn’t put up a fight. And boy am I glad I didn’t. The doc was a complete smoke show. I haven’t been touched by a woman that hot since… well, the last time I paid someone that hot to touch me. Anyhow, I now look forward to my annual skin cancer screening. She didn’t find any alarming growths, but only because I was thinking really hard about baseball and cold showers.

Florida Man, you’re supposed to do wacky and dangerous things that injure yourself, not this. I hope your mamma brings several of her coworkers around to beat some sense into you.

Although, maybe not beating someone so badly they get brain damage. Dude should try that on someone his own size.

I got the following note: STEVE SMITH SAD THAT INSPIRATION FOR HIS FILM, “STEVE SMITH KNOW WHY CAGED HIKER SQUEAL” DEAD. I would not want to be caught by the rapesquatch tonight

This is somebody’s fetish, and probably has a big future in teledildonics


My son had decided this is his favorite song. Sometimes being a parent is actually not all that different from being psychologically tortured by tiny, sadistic sociopaths.