My oldest had his placement test for kindergarten, and it does not appear that either my wife or I will have to make the same sacrifice as Forrest Gump’s mother to get him into normal classes. Also, luckily, nobody mentioned toilets, so the lady administering the test didn’t have to get a brain-dump from a monmaniacal five year old. You might think I’m exaggerating, but he watches videos about fixing toilets on YouTube. While he was staying with my wife’s aunt and uncle last week, her uncle gave him a flapper, and replacement valve(?) stand. The boy knew exactly what they were, and you’d think he’d just been given a BB gun at Christmas. At least he’ll be out of my pocket at 18, right?

Slapfight between two large pill pushers.

Good people are everywhere.

Attention OMWC — prescription changes may be coming.

This is cool. Creating a “repair cafe” run entirely by people with autism. I wonder if the dude in the picture knows he looks like Dustin Hoffman.

Also, play along with the newest Glibs meme, “Some animals are more equal than others. It’s right there in the how-to manual…” (add your own clever wrong answer here!)

…and YouTube is still taking a shit on me, so add your own theme music.