Bullhead City, Arizona 

It’s hot, for some reason, it’s hotter than the Sonoran Desert. I will keep this part short, while heat is good, human oven baking isn’t, thank God for AC Technicians, or Phoenix et. al. wouldn’t exist.

Boss decides to break off of my next project for a bunch of California jobs, and added more AZ jobs, so I’m booked through the year, better than the beginning.

 San Dimas! (almost)

It turns out there is a lot of tourism this time of year, so I couldn’t book a room within 35 miles of Ontario, home base in CA, so I attempted to stay in a motel I won’t rag on on but rhymes with dead hoof gin; drug dealers, homeless bums in the parking lot, and meth dealers right above me building a lab. We checked out at 11 pm, and headed to Chuck’s.

Safe! Bella and I finally got to visit the Wife, it’s been 3 weeks. I realized I haven’t been without people, family or otherwise for 30+ years. Glad to be back, and Momma got to visit her Doggie.

Of course my scope of work changed before I ever started, additional work here, and a lost project in San Francisco, this one directly Union related (Fuck unions, YMMV)…….

Interlude, go get a beer……..

San Francisco, (Hayward, East bay) 

We were here in June? Since then we learned a lot about where to stay, and now we know… loud, trashy and the entire area is cold, traffic is a joke, but the people are nice, plus one for that. Monday night, I roll over the San Mateo bridge, a toll but no biggie, except Cash Only! What barbarity is this? One time tolls? Debit, credit? I had to scrape sticky coins from my console, but I made it.

Finally finding Chipotle 2080, I check in with security, and when I go to the site, the manager says “nope, I don’t know you.” I have a key but no alarm code, this cost me and my company an entire day. Idiots!

While that job went south, my next job did the same thing, so I’m stuck till next week. Did I mention bridges freak me out? At night it’s just a hill, in the morning I want to throw up, just panic for 6 miles.

The Bay Area

I didn’t get to San Francisco proper, just the south peninsula, but one thing noticed was how clean it was, no poop, trash, shopping carts, no homeless people, so it’s not all bad up here.

Gas is $4.29 a gallon, milk is $3.18, those are my marks when traveling– also McD’s coffee, low is $1.08 CO, high is CA $2.40, amazing. This place sucks, and I will be glad to go back to AZ, maybe get my shit together, I’m saving lots of money for a place, til next time!