Monday: Animal continues his Profiles in Toxic Masculinity series and Tonio draws us a Portrait of a Grifter.

Tuesday: Pie tours us around Bucharest (he’ll make you yokels sophisticated Europeans yet,) Hyperbole has a crossword for us and Ozymandias presents Chapter 9 of his on-going series.

Wednesday: I terrorize the collective will with a new Hat and Hair, but the night slot is a new cartoon by CPRM.

Thursday: Baked Penquin gives us another glimpse into the mind of Secret Nazi President and Chafed has the night slot with the provocatively titled What to Expect When You Are Expecting Death.

Friday: The noon slot is just sitting there open right now, slutty and inviting. Slatternly, even. And the second half of the Tonio doubleheader, with Chapter 10 of The Glibening takes over the night.

Saturday and Sunday are smooth and blank for now, two luscious eggs of possibility…