Dear all: I was inspired by our first crossword and have attempted another. Without cool software, I soldiered through this attempt in Excel; NewWife checked it after a fashion, but there still may be mistakes . . . hope not. The first crossword was small and tight, but I went for big and funny, so crossing for clues will be harder . . . it couldn’t be avoided.

Indeed, the clues are seldom easy because this group has proven itself wise, widely read, and witty. A couple are extremely hard, one because I’ve never seen the word on the site before; otherwise, the clues will be somewhat clear and accessible. Notice the question marks: those are for jokes or sarcasm; it’s hard to tell what qualifies as normal in a Glib crossword, so maybe every clue should end in a question mark? Anyway, this is written only for us, so assume your normal shitlord posture and read into everything in the most cruel, selfish, and kinky way you can achieve.



Click to download the whole package as a pdf. (Spoiler alert: Contains solution on the last page!)


Check the solution here!