Yes, Sir! I’d be happy to do the links!

I haven’t done the Links for a while, so I barged in and told Brett to take the afternoon off. Having exerted Swiss privilege, I will go outside my usual minimalist format…

Japan just lost any chance of getting the Kuriles or any of Sakhalin back…don’t beat Russia so badly in the Rugby World Cup if you want land back. Oh, and no noting that a few Japanese players look distinctly..un-Nipponese.



Not straffinrun

How will this be hand-waved away by statists? Of course one must notice the nationalist flavor of the announcement. As long as the shakedown from the state is reduced, I don’t care if Modi calls it Make India Great Again. Hmmm. Maybe The Donald could give Modi a MIGA hat? Just more fodder for SugarFree, perhaps.

Not Bollywood

I guess this means that Joe Biden won’t be plagiarizing from his speeches? But then, I don’t think Slow Joe even knows what is going to come out of his gob anymore.

And then I used my Tiger Paw Death Strike to save the EU!


Having spoken the name of SUGARFREE aloud….lookie what he has for us:

SugarFree’s Dem Deathwatch

Bill de Blasio’s baffling presidential run is finally over. He can go back to turning New York City into the set for The Warriors in peace.

Oh, and this:

The mayor’s bid never really caught fire, and in a recent poll of his own state, de Blasio received the support of one respondent. Not one percent, one person.

Disney cartoon witch Kamala Harris is down to 7% in national polling and a new California primary poll has her behind human dial-tone generator Andrew Yang in her home state. Recent grumbling on liberal sites is that she should drop out and be nominated to be Attorney General. Like putting the fox in charge of the prison rape industry.