I see what you did there.

British novelist Daniel Defoe was born on this day. So were “chocolate” tycoon Milton Hershey, General “Blackjack” John Pershing, lovely actress Claudette Colbert, wonderful storyteller Roald Dahl, musical genius Ray Charles, “The Velvet Fog” Mel Tormé, character actor Richard Kiel, musician Dave Mustaine, Fiona Apple, and soccer player Thomas Müller.  Whole lotta “meh” on today’s list, but a couple gems.

The Bucaneers beat the Panthers last night in a. game delayed by thunderstorms. And in baseball, the Astros lost their third game in a row to the A’s, and are fading from the best record chase. Other winners were: Cincinnati, Texas, Washington, Los Angeles, Philly, Boston, New York (AL), Pittsburgh, Chicago (NL), St Louis, KC, Milwaukee, and New York (NL).

That’s really all that happened. Some decent sports action on tap this weekend though. So enjoy it.  But in the meantime, let’s get to…the links!

“Does this mean I’m gonna lose my CNN gig?”

Looks like Andrew McCabe is gonna get indicted soon. I wonder if CNN will have a truck coincidentally parked outside his house when it happens.  Just kidding, they can’t get that lucky two times in a row.

Remember the next time somebody tells you “nobody wants to take your guns” that this asshole most definitely wants to take your guns.  By force.  Well, he’s not welcome to mine. Or my other one. Or my other other one. Or…well, you get the point.

“Wow, what a greedy, horrible human being,”  said nobody that ever created their own money and wanted to keep it. I wonder how long before New York starts to threaten people with wealth confiscation for moving from their shitty tax black hole to places that want people to keep more of what they earned and spend it as they see fit.

Child abuse victim, Greta Thornberg

New York City panders to the retards. And in an odd twist of fate, the kids will actually learn more that day than they would have in a classroom.

“Keep those dirty hobos off our beach. Also, peace and love, dude.”

Hippie town doesn’t like the sight of homeless people on the beach. So much for tolerance and respect. But now the locals can smoke their bowls in peace and not be bummed out by the sight of the people they say they care so much about. (Bonus point for “unhoused individuals” being trotted out as a term for “homeless”. Let’s see if it sticks.)

Ladies and gentlemen: I present you a prime example of the efficiency of government.

I’m gonna keep playing music from the greatest generation of music. I mean, not forever, but at least for one more day.

Now go enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.